Self Acceptance Training

The mission of SAT is to wake people up to their true potential through exploration and expression of ones deeply held truths, truths held in the cells of the body. Revealing, experiencing and accepting these physical and emotional memories leads to true transformation. Read More 

Ritual, Spiritual, Reflection Groups

The mission of spirituality/ self reflection groups is to provide a safe, non judgmental environment for women to come together, share their stories, reflect upon where they have been and where they are going and provide and receive support from a community in order to empower their lives.

Ceremonial Celebrations

The mission of ceremonial celebrations is to honor, heal and empower individuals as they move through life changes and milestone events.

Conscious Parenting

The mission of conscious parenting is to offer parents an approach to raising children that draws from the healthiest aspects of the adult while enhancing communication and drawing out each child’s unique potential. The goal being to raise children prepared to meet lives challenges with emotional strength, flexibility, empathy and compassion.