A Message from Karen Adler, MSW, LCSW

“Transformation starts with the individual. Through the voyage of inner discovery one can uncover core truths deeply held in the body. Once uncovered and expressed in a nurturing and non-judgmental setting one can experience who they truly are in a given moment thus creating conditions for self acceptance and positive and lasting change. The results can be an improved sense of vitality, clarity and potency in the world. Intuitive/ spiritual consciousness increase as does ones sense of connection to others and the greater whole. One feels awakened, alive and hopeful for the future.”

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Download Bibliography for Becoming a Beacon; Tools For Transformation In A Global Pandemic. 8/18/21


Download notes and additional information from Karen’s seminar with Kabbalah Centre Mexico about understanding and transforming stress and grief


Karen was a guest on the Weekly Energy Boost Podcast  discussing the topic of Dealing with Negative Emotions


Read Karen’s Article: Emerging Transformed: Facing Grief in the Time of COVID-19 (Medium, April, 2020)


Co-Creator/Facilitator of Centered and Empowered – an entity partnering with therapists specializing in grief and trauma and healers of various modalities including equine therapy in farm/ranch settings.


Founder of Healing From The Inside Out a practice specializing in body-centered   psychotherapy for individuals, groups and couples dealing with issues of trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, adjustment. Facilitates transformational retreats.


Invited member of 004th Police District Domestic Violence Sub-Committee Task Force serving high risk communities


Consultant/Supervisor/Trainer of Maryville Crisis Center


Former Director and Co-Creator of an innovative, specialized Treatment Foster Care program at Maryville Academy residential program for hard to place youths.