Karen Adler, MSW, LCSW (  www.healingfromtheinsideout.com) is a Chicago-based, seasoned, trauma informed psychotherapist with over thirty-five years of experience working with individuals, couples, LGBTQ adults and teens and families with emotional, behavioral and life transition challenges.

Through her extensive training and life experience, Karen has earned a reputation and following as a trusted guide, empowering individuals, couples and families. Along with her therapeutic practice Karen offers supervision and consultation services and holds self reflection, spirituality, meditation workshops and retreats as well as seminars on stress relief, grief and trauma. To address the problem of stress in middle and highschools, she leads numerous workshops throughout the Chicagoland area. Karen also provides conscious parenting services and conducts ceremonial celebrations for milestone events. 

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Karen has a passion for addressing the needs of those experiencing the effects of trauma, which drew her towards a body-centered approach to therapy. She has studied and practiced Self Acceptance Training (SAT) since 1990 which has been the primary modality for her therapy practice. 

Karen currently provides supervision, consultation and workshops on stress at Maryville Crisis Nursery.  She is a member of the 004th Police District Domestic Violence Sub-Committee Task Force and provides self acceptance training and stress and meditation workshops for high risk communities.

Karen has a long history of service in Child Welfare and Foster Care. She spearheaded a progressive program to improve conditions for traumatized children in foster care placement while administering critical support to foster families. Her cutting edge paradigm addresses a much needed bridge between birth parents and foster families. Karen co-created and directed Maryville Academy’s Treatment Foster Care program serving traumatized and hard to place youth. Through consultation, training and supervision she worked closely with other social service agencies to adopt this model.

Karen is married and a mother of 3 adult children. She can be reached at 773-842-7364 or email: kadler6@gmail.com. See her article “Emerging Transformed: Facing Grief in the Time of COVID-19.”


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