"Transformation starts with the individual. Through the voyage of inner discovery one can uncover core truths deeply held in the body.  Once uncovered and expressed in a nurturing and non-judgmental setting one can experience who they truly are in a given moment thus creating conditions for self acceptance and positive and lasting change."  

Karen Adler is a psychotherapist with over thirty years of experience working with individuals, couples, LGBTQ adults and teens as well as families with emotional, behavioral and transitional challenges.

Through her training and life experience, Karen has become a trusted facilitator to nurture, guide and empower individuals.
With a Masters degree in Social Work and as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), she has studied and practiced Self Acceptance Training (SAT) since 1990 which has been the primary modality for her therapy practice.

Karen has extensive experience working with families and teens. She provides Conscious Parenting services and individual/ family therapy.

She also offers self-reflection, spirituality, meditation workshops, and ceremonial celebrations for milestone events. Karen is married and a mother of 3 children.

The results can be an improved sense of vitality, clarity and potency in the world. Intuitive/ spiritual consciousness increase as does ones sense of connection to others and the greater whole. One feels awakened, alive and hopeful for the future." 
Leading a workshop to create a Bridge thru Teaching Self Acceptance & Mindful Meditation with local 015 District CAPS Officers and Domestic Violence Survivors
Grounding Yourself During Uncertain Times

Staying centered, calm and grounded will illuminate the pathway through the unpredictable terrain of the COVID -19 pandemic. We are all in this together and we will come out of this together!
Karen will be doing remote sessions now while we all practice social distancing and during the shelter in place guidelines are in effect. Please contact Karen to set up your Zoom session.